Thursday, December 13, 2007

Diane Crosier's pal Superintendent Tom Anthony has been sent packing from Fallbrook

Along with Ed Brand, Tom Anthony exerted a lot of control over San Diego County Office of Education. Or would it be more correct to say that through Ed Brand and Tom Anthony, Diane Crosier of the SDCOE-JPA exerted a lot of control over school districts? Either way, the personal advancement of individuals in high places has taken precedence over the well being of students in San Diego County. The system will stay the same as long as Diane Crosier, her insurance buddies at Keenan and Associates and her unethical lawyers call the shots.

Fallbrook has gotten rid of Tom Anthony. But has the rest of the county gotten rid of him?

December 11, 2007
Fallbrook high school district will pay superintendent $320,000 - to leave
Buyout agreement effective Tuesday calls for resignation Jan. 11

FALLBROOK -- Tom Anthony, the embattled leader of the Fallbrook Union High School District, will resign as superintendent Jan. 11 under a $319,931 buyout agreement that took effect Tuesday, officials said.

The arrangement requires the district to pay Anthony 18 months of salary -- or $281,000 -- plus health and other benefits through June 2010. Those figures are spelled out in Anthony's contract, which would have ended then.

In addition to the salary and health benefits, the buyout includes $22,731 for 30 days of unused vacation time, $9,000 for 18 months of automobile allowances, and $7,200 for 18 months of expense allowances.

... district teachers have complained for years about what they call his intimidating leadership style.

Anthony, who is 62, took over as superintendent in 1997.

The school board approved the agreement in a split vote during a regular meeting Monday night, with Trustees Bill O'Connor, Mike Schulte and Marc Steffler approving the buyout and Trustees Lynn Colburn and Dennis Allen opposing it...

The problems between the teachers and Anthony reached a head during last year's election, when the teachers association helped elect O'Connor, Schulte and Steffler on a platform that included getting rid of the superintendent.

During a board meeting in April, the teachers association presented a survey in which 122 of the district's 150 teachers responded "strongly disagree" to the statement, "I have confidence in the leadership of the superintendent."

The friction extends as far back as 2001, when then-technology director Doug Newton was fired after accessing the telephone voicemail of several teachers who were protesting salary issues.

Newton later charged that Anthony ordered him to gain access to the district-owned voicemail system.

In June 2001, 104 out of 144 teachers signed a resolution accusing Anthony of causing low morale and lack of trust among teachers, and of wasteful spending habits...

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