Friday, December 07, 2007

The Danielle Coziahr case has gone to the jury

Attorneys Laura Joan Farris (left) and Daniel Carroll yesterday finished the trial of Coziahr v. Chula Vista Elementary School District, and the case has gone to the jury.

The jury has one easy job and one hard job: first, to decide if the district violated the law, and second, to decide how much the district should pay Danielle Coziahr.

Education suffers when leaders like Danielle Coziahr are dismissed at the whim of inexperienced first-year principals,while the district board and administrators ignore what is going on in schools.

When problems surface, the CVESD board and its go-between, Tom Cruz, just tell the lawyers to spend whatever it takes to keep tax dollars out of the hands of teachers, and channel those dollars into the hands of lawyers.

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Danielle Coziahr said...

Ms. Larkins,
I want to thank you for your continuing coverage of my story. I wanted to talk with you before and thank you for all your support. I was advised not to talk to anyone until the case was over. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to have my story told and the district exposed for their wrong doings. We succeed in obtaining justice today. The jury came back with a verdict in our favor. Good luck to you as you continue your case against CVESD.