Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Show some class, Pamela Smith and Bertha Lopez!

I'm sure that neither of the women currently on the Chula Vista Elementary School District board allows herself to be treated as less capable on the job based on the fact that she is female. Yet that's exactly how Pamela Smith and Bertha Lopez treated young teacher Danielle Coziahr because she had a baby. A jury found it to be illegal.

Show some class, ladies.

Apologize and settle the case, instead of appealing it.

Quit being rubber stamps for Pat Judd and Larry Cunningham.

You, too, David Bejarano. Is this what you signed up for when you joined the school board? To waste money on lawyers instead of teachers? Apologize, don't appeal.

FOR THE DETAILS OF the Coziahr v. CVESD lawsuit, click the link "A school district lawsuit (Coziahr v. CVESD) at right.

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