Monday, February 12, 2007

CVESD's Trojan Horse: Richard Werlin

How did Richard T. Werlin get from CVESD to WCCCUSD? Who will be the next Jenny Mo?

This morning I read this post from the Seattle Times, February 12, 2007, "Every day for more than five months, Jeff Schmieder walked hundreds of laps around the courtyard at the Regional Justice Center in Kent, where he was serving time for a first-degree rape he did not commit. "Walking was the only thing I had left. It just gave me a lot of time to think to myself and get my head straight," said Schmieder, who was convicted in 1998 and faced more than 11 years in prison. "Everyone in there says they're not guilty, of course. But when you're really not, it does things to your mind that you can't even imagine." Schmieder, 49, and another man, Mark Clark, were freed in 1999 after NEW EVIDENCE SHOWED THE ALLEGED VICTIM WAS IN JAIL HERSELF AT THE TIME SHE SAID SHE WAS ATTACKED."

It amazes me that intelligent people are so willing to believe an accusation.

In my case, a homeless person to whom I had given shelter was believed by police when she told them I was mentally ill, violent, and had a hand gun. They gave her MY KEYS and took me to jail FOR TRESPASSING!!!

But for some reason, no one wants to believe an employee's accusations against an employer.

People assume, for example, that an Assistant Superintendent of a school district is not emotionally troubled, dishonest and hostile. Someone in such a position can say ANYTHING about an employee, no matter how preposterous and false, and it will be believed.

Recently a teacher in Richmond was put on leave for "erratic" behavior. I happen to know the district administrator who put her on leave, and I know that he has a serious problem with dishonesty and false accusations. His behavior perfectly fits the description "erratic." When this man loses his temper, it's not a pretty sight. He goes off like a loose canon. Werlin caused the "erratic" teacher in Richmond to be handcuffed in front of her second-grade students and jailed for two days on suspicion of holding her students hostage--because she didn't leave the school in the middle of the day when she was placed on administrative leave for reporting school bullying to the media.

About two years ago I put the facts about this individual, Richard Werlin, former Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources at Chula Vista Elementary School District, on my website.

So why did West Contra Costa County Union School District hire him as their Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources in 2006? Did they flunk Google? No, they just doubted that what I was saying was the truth. After all, he was the district administrator, and I was just a teacher.

I wonder what Werlin told the folks at WCCCUSD was his reason for leaving Chula Vista Elementary School District? They must have wondered why he hadn't worked in so long. Apparently they didn't consider the possibility that he might have left CVESD because the district was unhappy about paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. (CVESD clearly didn't think that Werlin's crimes and other violations of law were reason to fire him.)

Or maybe their motives weren't so innocent. Be honest, folks in Richmond. Your district has done the same things that Werlin did, hasn't it? Didn't you back up administrators even though you knew they had done wrong? You need to keep teachers in line, right? The facts of any individual case don't matter to you. What matters is to keep everything under control, and present an appearance of having no problems, so those in power can stay in power, right? You'd rather protect the guilty than actually solve problems, wouldn't you? Or perhaps you just do what your lawyers tell you to do, committing perjury when they tell you to, fighting lawsuits you ought to settle. You don't stop to think that IT'S NOT IN THE LAWYERS' BEST INTEREST FOR PROBLEMS TO BE SOLVED. THE MORE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE, THE MORE MONEY THEY GET.

I recommend that the entire staff of Sheldon Elementary School (that would include teacher Jenny Mo), participate in a class by Patrick Lencioni on the Five Dysfunctions of a Team. You've got serious problems at Sheldon Elementary. I somewhat regret that I left so quietly when Werlin put me on administrative leave in 2001. But I'm afraid that our newspapers are so protective of the corrupt school districts and teacher unions in San Diego that the exact same scenario could have happened at Castle Park Elementary, and it wouldn't have made it into the newspaper. The public in Chula Vista still isn't aware of how serious the problems are at my old school, Castle Park Elementary. Even when then three teachers who made false accusations against me were transferred out of Castle Park Elementary in 2004, the papers never mentioned my case, even though I had fully informed them.

I am afraid that Jenny Mo will never return to Sheldon Elementary. That's how the system works. But something should be done about the out-of-control principal and staff at Sheldon.

In addition to getting the staff of Sheldon Elementary functioning in a positive manner, Superintendent Bruce Harter should fire Assistant Superintendent Richard Werlin. Werlin triggered the fiasco at Sheldon Elementary, a scenario so bizarre that only Richard Werlin's involvement can explain it.

March 2007 Update: Rick Werlin has been replaced at WCCCUSD.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Now you've really done it, Pixie!

To: Pixie Hayward-Schnickele

If you hadn't helped Richard Werlin cover up his crimes in San Diego, it's very unlikely he would have been hired in Richmond in 2006. And if Richard Werlin hadn't been hired by your own West Contra Costa County Unified School District, the chances are miniscule that your fellow teacher Jenny Mo would have been arrested. It was shameful to arrest a teacher in front of her second-graders, haul her off to jail, and keep her there on $900,000 bond for taking her students hostage. The District Attorney did not agree with this action, and released Jenny Mo without charges. Shame on the teachers of Sheldon School who only worried about their own reputations, and were willing to damage a fellow teacher to this extent. Pixie wanted to please those teachers who wanted to silence Jenny Mo. Jenny Mo refused to be silent about her belief that not enough was being done about bullying at Sheldon Elementary School.

Principal Cynthia Swainbank is taking all the heat, but you can bet she talked to Richard Werlin about every move. You can also bet that Richard Werlin talked to your teachers union (UTR) about the case before he acted. UTR, in which you hold office as treasurer, causes problems for many teachers and students, Pixie. You personally contributed to a lot of problems in Chula Vista in your position on CTA's board of directors, and then those problems migrated to Richmond in the person of Richard Werlin.

Give teachers a break, Pixie. Quit being Beverly Tucker and Carolyn Doggett's rubber stamp as a member of the board of directors of California Teachers Association.