Maura Larkins

Well, emotions are certainly at peak level in Poway Unified--or at least I hope this is the peak. I trust that things will start cooling down from now on. I want to believe that Bill Wisniewski didn't really mean what he said in his comment, "YOU ARE NOT READY FOR POLITICS AND I BELIEVE THAT MOST OF US PTSD MARINE COMBAT VETS SHOULD NOT ENGAGE IN POLITICAL ACTIVITY."

Seriously, Bill?

I could understand if you argued that three tours in Afghanistan is not the best training for lunch duty at an elementary school, but you are demanding, in capital letters, that a returning veteran stay out of politics!!!!

And you are claiming that Mr. Garnier has "severe PTSD"! Severe? When he has a successful marriage and is working on an advanced degree in education, dresses well and is highly articulate? I think you're getting Chris mixed up with guys who are more severely damaged by war. Senator John McCain, a former POW in Vietnam, is known for flying off the handle. Do you think he should stay out of politics? Should the government overturn his election?

I don't believe that the principal's decision to pass over Mr. Garnier for the lunch duty position was based on racism, but I am not so sure that racism didn't play a role in overturning his election to site council, and in seeking a restraining order against him.

I am concerned about what the superintendent and board of Poway Unified are teaching students about how our democracy works.