Friday, December 07, 2007

Is Pamela Dempsey the new Daniel Shinoff?

Attorney Pamela Dempsey sat for a week and a half in the San Diego Hall of Justice recently, getting paid by the taxpayers for sitting and listening to a powerful indictment of illegal actions committed by her client, Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Dempsey didn't have much to say. She isn't stupid. Her body language revealed how well she knew that her client was obviously in the wrong. After the first couple of days, she and Assistant Superintendent Tom Cruz stopped the traditional practice of standing and facing the jury for the entire time that the jury was walking in or out of the courtroom. Sure, they stood, but they tended to look away, or talk to each other. On December 4, 2007, I saw Dempsey turn toward the jury and immediately bend over coughing. This is a good sign, I think. It shows she knows the difference between right and wrong.

Why didn't she insist that the district settle this case? Because she gets paid to sit in court. Also, the CVESD board, which shows no signs of having a conscience, would probably just get another attorney.

The individuals mentioned above, however, are just bit players in a show written and directed by San Diego County Office of Education-Joint Powers Authority and other public entity groups who work with Keenan and Associates insurance brokers to use taxpayer dollars to support and cover up illegal behavior by school boards and administrators.

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