Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Preuss principal steps down; so should Chula Vista's Lowell Billings and Tom Cruz

Doris Alvarez of the Preuss charter high school at UCSD has resigned.

Why haven't Lowell Billings, Tom Cruz, and Alex Cortes of Chula Vista Elementary School District resigned also?

They all violated the law.

But apparently CVESD administrators did it with the approval of the school board, which considers itself above the law. CVESD needs new trustees.

A meeting will be held at San Diego County Office of Education board meeting on January 9, 2008 to address this very issue.

A grassroots campaign has begun to create "trustee areas" in the CVESD school district. For many years all board members have been residents of Bonita. These board members have smugly ruled the district, with their leader, Patrick Judd, saying things like, "Education hasn't changed much in the last 100 years...Our job is to build schools."

With reactionaries like this in charge, it's no wonder CVESD administrators don't feel the need to justify anything they do, or to pay attention to the laws of California. Arbitrary decision-making is the preferred mode of operation of Pamela Smith, Bertha Lopez, Larry Cunningham, Cheryl Cox/David Bejarano and the leader they blindly follow, Patrick Judd.

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Monica Garcia said...

Re. Chula Vista School Board:
It seems that Bertha Lopez doesn't look into mirrors to see her own reflection. I'm still amazed that she voted to fire that pregnant teacher when she, Mrs. Lopez, has had serious legal issues in her own past. While married and living with her husband, she became engaged to a La Jolla teacher and he then broke it off. She threatened him and his sister with bodily harm and stalked them, which resulted in having a restraining order made with her name on it. Mrs. Lopez has a long trail of burned bridges behind her. Shame on people like that! You need to get beyond your own blind ambition and stop hurting people.