Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jim Groth and Peggie Myers: Where was CVE during the Danielle Coziahr case?

Chula Vista Educators President Peg Myers

Chula Vista Educators spent $17,000 to defend former CVE president Frank Luzzaro from the threat of losing a day's pay. And who knows how much CVE spent defending Peggie Myers, Robin Donlan and their friends from a mere administrative transfer.

But when it came to the Danielle Cozaihr case, CVE and CTA were not to be found. Perhaps CTA had used up all its money defending child molesters such as Albert G. Truitt.

CTA is a friend to union fat cats and their close friends, but ordinary, decent teachers can't expect much.

Jim Groth and Peggie Myers, and the new CVE vice-president Monica Sorenson actually helped the district violate the law in the Maura Larkins case.

Why did Chula Vista Elementary School District teachers elect these Beverly Tucker clones? Don't they care about basic human decency? Or do they simply not know what's going on?

FOR THE DETAILS OF the Coziahr v. CVESD lawsuit, click the link "A school district lawsuit (Coziahr v. CVESD) at right.

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