Friday, December 07, 2007

$7.3 million misappropriated from taxpayers, but Bonnie Dumanis files no charges

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis routinely protects school boards and administrators who commit crimes, yet she charges little guys with felonies for using school hoses to water their palm trees (see MiraCosta College).

Education isn't going to improve as long as it is controlled by people who use a corrupt system to get rid of the best and brightest educators for challenging ineffective and/or illegal practices.

The District Attorney has had an inappropriate relationship with the San Diego County Office of Education ever since the days of SDCOE Superintendent Rudy Castruita, when her campaign photo was published on the SDCOE website.

December 7, 2007

VISTA ---- A county report released this week says poor judgment and lax oversight led to several problems at North County's largest charter school, where allegations of money mismanagement, nepotism and conflicts of interest erupted into an ugly power struggle last year.

No criminal charges were filed against anyone at either school.

The report was released Tuesday by the San Diego Office of Education, which hired an auditing firm to look into 12 allegations against former administrators at the school that had been lodged by its board of directors.

...the report offers recommendations for how to get the school back on track, including repaying $7.3 million in state funding that may have been based on falsely reported attendance figures.

The report also suggests that Eagles Peak develop policies for dealing with nepotism and conflict of interest, and that it streamline how the school reports attendance...

[Blogger's note: Policies mean nothing if they're not implemented. In the Danielle Cozaihr case, Chula Vista Elementary School District's board completely ignored its own policy regarding helping teachers meet goals. Of course, that's because the teacher was already meeting goals, and their claims to the contrary were for the sole purpose of getting rid of a teacher for taking maternity leave. The board also ignored the penal code, the Labor Code, and the contract in the Maura Larkins case. Most school boards seem to act only to maintain the status quo by protecting the people who have power.]

The report doesn't place all of the blame on former administrators. The school's board of directors contributed to the problems by not keeping an eye on expenses, the audit states. Before last year, the school board "provided minimal monitoring, at best," according to the report.


" Same names, same behavior, same outcome... They just move from one charter to another but they had their training at GPA [Guajome Park Academy]. These folks should be held accountable ... What about the child's life that they affected, are the children able to bounce back? "

" Hum no criminal charges? Why not? The answer is simple perhaps the San Diego County Office of Education and the San Diego DA's office should be investigated for not doing their JOB!!! Where there are hundreds and thousands of dollars missing/unaccounted for/discrepancy and so forth the DA looks the other way. Then on the Palgate scandal the DA spent an enormous amount of money investigating $ 350.00 or so. What is wrong with this picture? By the way Stacy Eagles Peak is not the biggest charter school in the North County. The biggest and the meanest is Guajome Park ... "

" As magistrate Judge Barbara Major said, " If there are no sanctions, than where is the deterrence." The same can be said with these charter schools, "if there are no criminal charges, than where is the deterrence."

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