Monday, December 17, 2007

Legal ethics and San Diego Unified School District attorneys

Voice of San Diego
by Emily Alpert

"Shortly after we reported on attorney Douglas Abendroth's connections to a pro-life Irvine church today, the webpage describing the attorney's relationship with the church had been removed. Abendroth was selected by San Diego Unified School District to revise a controversial policy that requires school staff to call parents of pregnant students...

"A pdf printout of the page is available here [ abendroth.pdf]. (The beginning of the text is obscured by a photo.)

"...CCP is a member of Presbyterian Church in America, which penned a position paper in 1978 stating that "We are convinced Scripture forbids abortion ... We cannot stress too strongly our authority in this matter."

"Abendroth said views within the church differ, and he is not personally "anti-abortion."

"Under California legal ethical guidelines, attorneys must disclose in writing to clients any legal, business, professional or personal interest in a subject they review. District legal counsel Ted Buckley, who selected Abendroth to review the policy, was aware of Abendroth's church involvement and said he was confident that Abendroth would provide sound, unbiased legal advice..."

Friday, December 14, 2007

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