Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is Lowell Billings the Paris Hilton of CVESD?

Superintendent Lowell Billings of Chula Vista Elementary School District made clear in the Danielle Coziahr case that he is paid one of the highest salaries of any public employee in San Diego (#11) in return for going around and smiling pretty.

He doesn't worry about legal matters. He leaves that to Tom Cruz, Assistant Superintendent, who doesn't worry about it, either. Cruz seems to go along with anything the lawyers want to do, no matter how illegal it might be. What do the lawyers want? They want to win, with no apparent concern for the law. After all, that's what Diane Crosier at San Diego County Office of Education-Joint Powers Authority pays them to do.

Mr. Billings doesn't seem to remember what he sees when he's going around being seen. Here's my idea for a TV show: a face-off between Lowell and Paris, in which each of them is taken around to different locations to pose in front of cameras, then taken back to the studio to see if either one of them remembers anything about the little people they met during their outing. My money is on Paris as the winner.

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