Sunday, July 09, 2006

It took a year for Chula Vista ESD to acknowledge a public records request. THEN IT SAID, "WE WON'T RELEASE ANYTHING!"

Chula Vista Elementary School District wrote me a letter recently in response to a public records request I've been repeating for over a year. Here is my response to Pamela Dempsey.

Pamela A. Dempsey
Parham & Rajcic

Dear Ms. Dempsey:

I was pleased to get a letter regarding my public records request to Chula Vista Elementary School District. I’m wondering why CVESD decided to respond to my request at this time. I’ve been making similar requests for over a year.

But better late than never!

I look forward to receiving the information I have requested when CVESD personnel get back from vacation.

Thank you for your refreshing courtesy! I can’t help wondering if the reason that I’m finally getting a response to one my public records requests is that Mark Bresee has left the firm of Parham & Rajcic. I hope Mr. Bresee will behave more ethically when he is working directly for a public entity, rather than as a lawyer under contract with a public entity. But then, I’m an eternal optimist.

Again, thank you for your exceptional courtesy, Ms. Dempsey! It is as deeply appreciated as it is unexpected.

Pamela Dempsey wrote another letter after the letter described above.


CVESD relies on secrecy to protect itself from exposure of its wrongdoing.