Saturday, September 01, 2007

Woman who made false accusations heads to jail

Those who make false accusations can be very convincing. My theory is that they are often mentally ill, and the hysteria they exhibit is real, but the hysteria is caused by problems within the accuser, not by anything the innocent target did.

Judith Ann Lummis, whose made false accusations against an innocent person, will be going to jail, but not because of putting an innocent man in jail.

The Associated Press wrote the following story September 1, 2007:

"A woman whose lie about being raped kept an innocent man behind bars for almost two years is now in jail herself.

"Armand Villasana, 54, was jailed for rape from 1998 until 2000, when his conviction was overturned based on DNA evidence. His accuser, Judith Lummis, admitted Aug. 7 that she made up the rape to cover up an extramarital affair.

"The statute of limitations prevented Lummis from being charged with perjury. But on Friday, Lummis, 41, turned herself in after her probation was revoked last week. She will serve a four-year prison term imposed in 1998, when she pleaded guilty to fraudulently attempting to obtain prescription diet pills...

"On Sept. 16, 1998, Lummis reported being kidnapped from a Sonic Drive-In, forced to drive to a wooded area and raped. Greene County detectives and prosecutors said she was so convincing they had little reason to doubt her story..."


CBS News notes:

"Villasana became a suspect in the supposed rape case even though no physical evidence tied him to the crime and Lummis' description of her assailant differed from Villasana in age, height, weight and speech patterns."

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