Thursday, September 06, 2007

More corrupt school board members

I have made public records requests regarding SDCOE and CVESD payments to lawyers working for insurance companies, but I have not succeeded in getting the information I wanted. Apparently the best way to get such information is by setting up a sting like the one below regarding the Pleasantville School District in New Jersey.

New York Times
11 Arrested in N.J. Corruption Inquiry
September, 2007

Federal agents used a phony insurance brokerage as part of a sting operation that resulted in the arrests of 11 public officials in New Jersey this morning, including two state assemblymen and the mayor of Passaic...

The investigation started in mid-2006 after the F.B.I. received evidence of corruption in contracts issued by the Pleasantville School District, federal prosecutors said.

The investigation is the most recent of a series of corruption probes Mr. Christie and the F.B.I. have conducted across the state. Mayors in several of the state’s largest cities, as well as members of city councils and county boards have been charged in the past few years.

The statement said that several members of the Pleasantville School Board took thousands of dollars in bribes from the cooperating witnesses, and that they referred the undercover agents to public officials in other parts of the state who would also be willing to take the payments...

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