Friday, September 21, 2007

Soldiers prefer Dragonskin

Soldiers like Dragonskin

Why were high-profile soldiers wearing a type of body armor that was banned by the army?

a) They were foolish, careless individuals.
b) They believed that the army had, for reasons unrelated to safety, actually banned the best body armor, Dragonskin.
c) They were smart people who were temporarily unhinged by immunizations that caused psychotic behavior.

NBC's Lisa Myers talked to the man who designed Interceptor, the body armor that the army uses. He says Dragonskin is better than the armor he designed!

So NBC conducted its own test. It found Dragonskin to be better.

The CIA also decided Dragonskin is better.

Brig. General Mark Brown claims that Dragonskin failed a highly secretive test done by the army.

NBC's Adam Ciralsky and Lisa Myers report that "there’s just one problem: the Army banned Dragon Skin in March, almost two months before that testing began in May."

The report contains an interview of Gen. Brown:

"[LISA] MYERS: General, the Army banned Dragon Skin before the Army even tested it.

"BROWN: Lisa, I’m — I’m not aware of that… I don’t know that it had not been tested at that time. I wasn’t here.

The NBC report notes:

"Nevin Rupert, a mechanical engineer and ballistics expert, was for seven years the Army’s leading authority on Dragon Skin. Now a whistleblower, he says the Army’s timing wasn’t coincidental.

"RUPERT: I believe there are some Army officials at the lower levels that deliberately tried to sabotage it.

"MYERS: What possible motive would Army officials have for blocking a technology that could save lives?

"RUPERT: Their loyalty is to their organization and maintaining funds."

Who were the high profile soldiers who wore Dragonskin after it was banned?

NBC news reports that, well after the Army ban, "select soldiers assigned to protect generals and VIPs in Iraq and Afghanistan wore Dragon Skin. An active duty soldier, who asked us to conceal his identity, told NBC he wore Dragon Skin on certain missions, with the full knowledge of his commanders."

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