Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is Mike Aguirre wrong to pursue wrongdoing by goverment?

Many in San Diego are outraged that Mike Aguirre is pursuing government wrongdoing. They say he should not reveal any wrongdoing by government, because he represents the individuals in city government, not the people of the city.

The city attorney should not help hide individual wrongdoing, or even conspiracies among individuals.

Hiding wrongdoing is not in the city's long term best interests.

San Diego shouldn't be like Washington County, Utah, where the Warren Jeffs trial is going on. The word has apparently been handed down from both the mainstream Mormon churches and the breakaway FLDS, controlled by Jeffs, that no one is to talk to the media. It sounds a lot like Jerry Sanders' order to San Diego city employees that they may not talk about what goes on in the city.

City government should stop being secretive. It should stop hiding the truth from the public. How can citizens elect better officials if they don't know what the past and present officials and employees have been up to?

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