Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alex Smith is giving much-needed help to foster kids

San Francisco 49ers football player Alex Smith has started a foundation to assist foster kids when they turn 18 and lose their homes. I am impressed with Alex's efforts to give help where it's needed most.

I trust Alex will stick to a path of integrity in his life.

Alex's mother, Chula Vista Elementary School District board member Pam Smith, can give him practical guidance, but let's hope Alex will avoid his mother's moral side trips into obstruction of justice regarding crimes committed in schools.

Pam Smith was one of the five board members who decided to cover up crimes at Castle Park Elementary and CVESD, causing $100,000s of taxpayers dollars to be spent for the purpose of obstructing justice, and an elementary school to fall apart, with plunging test scores, a PTA embezzlement, and the best and brightest teachers and principal driven away.

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