Monday, August 27, 2007

Worker Receives $600,000 Settlement

I found the following story on What's the real reason this person was fired?

"Worker Receives $600,000 Settlement"

"A former employee of the Tom’s River Township [New Jersey] has been awarded $600,000 in an out of court settlement according to reports. The lawsuit was settled with the former personnel director of the township after being filed in 2004 following the employee’s dismissal.

"The employee, Richard Vasil, claimed that his firing was carried out for ‘purely political reasons’ after being dismissed from his post by the mayor, Paul Brush. Officials claim that he was fired for refusing to wear a tie to work, locking his office door during lunch breaks, and failing to update documentation.

"Democrat mayoral candidate Tom Rodgers stated: "I'm concerned that [Democratic] Mayor Brush and his all-Republican Council HAVE NOT PROVIDED THE PUBLIC WITH THE DETAILS OF THE SUIT AS WELL AS THE AMOUNT OF TAXPAYERS' DOLLARS SPENT ON LEGAL FEES AND THE SETTLEMENT AMOUNT." [Emphasis added.]

"As part of the lawsuit the plaintiff argued that he had never even received any warnings with regards to the issues over which the mayor claims to have fired him. He further claims that his employment was terminated because he "was neither a Democrat nor independent, and did not support Brush in the November 2003 election.""

December 18th, 2006

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