Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you were a Hispanic teenager, would you want to go to Oscar de la Hoya High School?

If I were a Hispanic teenager, I think I'd get a kick out of going to Oscar de le Hoya High School. De la Hoya worked with Green Dot Public Schools and Taylor Fierce Architects to convert de la Hoya's gym in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, into a charter high school.

The architects describe their work:
"The charter school movement is generating schools that are smaller, more "urban" in design, and more closely linked with their neighborhoods. This particular project is the result of a collaboration between the boxer Oscar de la Hoya and Green Dot Public Schools. Located in Boyle Heights on the difficult 36,000 sf site of Oscar's original gym, the 45,000 sf program combines a charter high school with a boxing center open to the neighborhood, and has 40 parkling spaces on grade. Sun control for the Western facing classrooms was also a primary design issue."

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