Thursday, August 02, 2007

CTA and Sweetwater Union High School District's Alex Anguiano reward CVE

CTA and SEA's President Alex Anguiano helped CVE in 2006, when Mr. Anguiano reported:

"I have been appointed to CTA’s Crisis Assistance Panel. Last week, we meet in Burlingame to review requests for financial assistance from chapters throughout the state...

"We also recommended funding to defray part of the cost of arbitrations that SEA and CVE (Chula Vista Educators) recently participated in."

Or is the real truth that Mr. Anguiano was rubber-stamping suggestions from above to reward CVE for holding firm to the policies of Carolyn Doggett and Beverly Tucker in Chula Vista Elementary School District, even though those policies required CVE to violate multiple laws? as retrieved on Jul 6, 2007 14:05:32 GMT.
Alex Anguiano
President's Report
September 2006

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