Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can it be true? A compromise from Cheryl Cox?

Anti-union mayor Cheryl Cox is reported to have communicated with a labor union! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? (I say this advisedy, since I am the same age--58-- as Cheryl Cox.)

Here's what Voice of San Diego writes about the matter:

"Tom Lemmon, business manager of the Building Trades & Construction Council, has outlined his requirements for negotiating again with Gaylord Entertainment on the Chula Vista bay-front project.

"In a July 25 letter to Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox, Lemmon spelled out three requirements:

"1. Cox must publicly support labor's insistence that Gaylord sign a legally binding agreement to hire local workers.

"2. The Associated General Contractors and Associated Builders and Contractors would have no role in negotiations.

"3. If Gaylord doesn't agree to a deal by Aug. 14, Cox should encourage the Unified Port of San Diego to reopen the bidding process for the bay-front development.

"In a response written yesterday, Cox essentially endorsed Lemmon's requests.

"She said that hiring local workers was important; that no other groups would be involved in negotiations unless invited; and that the port and city should "move forward deliberately and positively with the best partners we can find" if Gaylord pulls out."

article by ROB DAVIS
Tuesday, July 31

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