Sunday, August 26, 2007

School pays $500,000 for teaching that there are four branches of government--among other interesting "facts"

Apparently Dick Cheney isn't the only one who thinks that there are four branches of the US government.

California Alternative High School (CAHS) will pay $500,000 to resolve a lawsuit that alleged it provided worthless diplomas.

While the school incorrectly taught that the U.S. government has four branches, it must be said that the school correctly named the three real branches (executive, legislative and judicial). The imaginary fourth branch was called "administrative." Apparently that's the one that consists of Dick Cheney.

According to a March 18, 2005 article on, the school "did not use textbooks, but instead gave consumers a 54-page workbook; the workbook contained numerous factual errors...students were taught the United States has 53 states, that the flag has not been updated to reflect the additional three states, and that Congress has one house for Democrats and a second for Republicans."

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