Friday, June 06, 2008

What to make of Rodger Hartnett's lawsuit against SDCOE and Diane Crosier?

In Rodger Hartnett v. Diane Crosier, et al, Rodger Hartnett says SDCOE-JPA and its top management have done wrong.

I could have told him that years ago. In fact, I did tell him, and he disagreed with me.

If Hartnett was wrongfully terminated, he shouldn't be surprised. He knows that SDCOE's lawyers facilitate wrongful terminations all the time. Two high-profile cases were Mary Anne Weegar and Coach James "Ted" Carter.

I suppose that Rodger expected loyalty after all the dirty work he did on SDCOE's behalf.

My question is this: does Rodger think that SDCOE has betrayed its obligation to serve insurance companies well, or does he think SDCOE has betrayed the taxpayers who pay the premiums?

Which side is he on? How does he see himself?

Is he outraged on behalf of all school employees who were harmed through illegal actions by SDCOE attorneys, or is he outraged only on behalf of one member of the SDCOE-JPA elite?

Has he gone over to the other side--the side of the voters, citizens, taxpayers, students and school employees--or is this case just a dispute among high level government ripoff artists?

A lot of people seem to be looking for information about the Harntett v. SDCOE lawsuit. I have placed a link to the tort claim and complaint on this page.

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