Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hartnett v. SDCOE, Diane Crosier, Randolph Ward, et al

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A lot of people seem to be looking for information about the Hartnett v. SDCOE lawsuit. I have placed a link to the tort claim and complaint on this page.

The suit says, "...Lora Duzyk failed to perform an investigation regarding reports plaintiff made regarding the illegal rotation of business and billing practices of panel counsel Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz and Winet Patrick and Weaver in violation of the Political Reform Act."

I've been asking SDCOE for years for an investigation into Stutz law firm.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I read Hartnett lawsuit and it sure sounds like a whole lot of Fraudulent business practice – Executive Law §63(12)), Antitrust - Gen. Bus. Law §340 et seq., Securities Fraud - Gen. Bus Law §352-c, Securities - Gen. Bus. Law §352-c, Unjust Enrichment, Common Law Fraud, Steering and Unfair Competition, going on in SDCOE.

There is a whole lot more than meets the eye here, Hartnett may present himself as a victim in his suit but I think he too was one of the players. What the heck, we take confessions from player too. I hope Hartnett strikes a deal with the U.S. DOJ, but chances are he will take Shinoff’s settlement and keep silent. I am sure Crosier who is an alternate member of the SELF JPA (SELF is a member of the Marsh and McLennan Super Pool.) Insurance Broker Marsh and McLennan manage over 90% of California k-12 schools, colleges and most public agencies in one way or another. Lets not forget the other two brokers, Keenan and Associates and Driver Alliant.

Lets not forget the pudding is in the pooling….

The actions of the Stutz law firm should not surprise us at all. I think most of us know about his dealings but it is very difficult to squeal on him when we take pay off from him. Dozen of lawyers and judges in SD can be implicated if these issues above were further investigated by the United States Department of Justice.

Daniel Shinoff makes Duke Cunningham look like an alter boy…

Anonymous said...

Rodger J. Hartnett v. SDCOE et.a., 37-2008-00081583-CU-WT-CTL

Roger Hartnett has an Ex Parte hearing coming up on Tusday July 8th at 8:30 A.m. at: HALL OF JUSTICE 330 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-450-7276.

Rodger Hartnett’s lawsuit has brought in a defense that is bound to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in billable hours. Here are the questions that I have:

(a)Who will ultimately pay for
these billable hours?
(b)What is each firm’s billable
hourly rate? $350.00- $450.00?
(c)Who is going to indemnify these
(d)Does the insurance Co. cover
alleged illegal actions?
(e)What exactly are these folks
trying to cover up?
(f)Why should taxpayers pay for
public employees illegal
(g)Isn’t it time we get some real

So why is the United States Offices of the Inspector General or the United States Department of Justice not come into the picture and truly investigate this waste of taxpayer dollars? How about the fraud, steering, illegal kickbacks, malfeasance, collusion, corruption and free gift of public funds for back alley deal making?

Most of these folks have some serious law firms behind them that charge a lot of billable hours. One has to look no further to find our tax dollars being wasted.

It appears that Steven John Cologne - #118534, is representing the SDCOE, Randall E. Ward and Lora Duzyk.

Mr. Cologne is from the law offices of Higgs Fletcher & Mack LLP. A 57-attorney firm with expertise in construction defect and medical professional liability. He defends the San Diego Unified School District on various claims.

Robert Neal Hocker - #15999 is representing Diane Crosier / Lisa Jenson.

He is from the law office of Hocker & Nalu. With expertise in Business Litigation, Legal Malpractice, Real Estate, Construction Litigation, Employment Litigation, Personal Injury. Hocker & Nalu is a 2-attorney firm.

Alan Kenneth Brubaker - #70298 is representing Rick Renear.

Mr. Brubaker is from the law office of Wingert Grebing Brubaker & Goodwin LLP. A 22-attorney firm. Mr. Brubaker’s expertise is centered on business law.

Golnar Jabbari Fozi - #167674 is representing John Vincent.
Ms. Fozi is from the law office of Daley & Heft a 26-attorney firm. The firm specializes in Tort Litigation to Eminent Domain and from Employment to Construction/Real Estate.

JOHN R. WERTZ #56220 is representing Michele Fort-Merrill.
A 16-attorney firm, the firm specializes Business, Corporate, Real State, Land Use, Litigation, Government, Political Law, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death.