Saturday, June 07, 2008

Teacher sues "Teacher Smackdown" website

Citizen Media Law Reports announces:

Cruse v. Teacher Smackdown

Lawsuit Date: 05/2008
Subject Area: Defamation
Party Issuing Threat: Loretta DiAnne Cruse
Party Receiving Threat: Teacher Smackdown

"In May 2008, Loretta DiAnne Cruse, a former special-ed teacher at Norfolk Elementary School in Arkansas, sued the Teacher Smackdown website for defamation in Arkansas state court.

"Teacher Smackdown is a teacher watchdog site, which describes its function as "identif[ying] the molesters, thieves, and lecherous adults masquerading as teachers in our society" and "giv[ing] parents resources and information on protecting our kids and identifying these monsters."

"The dispute revolves around an April 9, 2007 post about Cruse. The entire post is no longer available, but an abbreviated version (scroll down) is..."

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