Friday, June 13, 2008

Schools don't investigate wrongdoing because they fear controversy will harm those in power

"...Brown declined to comment on McGeehan's request for an investigation other than to say she feared it would further upset parents and staff who are worried that the controversy will harm their schools..."

As lawmaker calls for probe, CEO of charters defends pay
By Martha Woodall
May. 24, 2008
A Pennsylvania state legislator...Rep. Michael McGeehan, a Northeast Philadelphia Democrat, also said that recent disclosures of high salaries paid to some charter executives and allegations of financial mismanagement at Philadelphia Academy Charter School make this a "good time" for the state "to reexamine charter schools. Some of them may need to be seriously reviewed."

...Brown receives more than $500,000 in salary from four charters and a private school.

Yesterday, Brown again defended the money she receives saying she and three other school employees divide their time between the schools. "I work hard," said Brown. "I really work hard and so do our teachers."

"The citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania deserve nothing less than a full accounting of their hard-earned taxpayer dollars and some level of transparency into this intriguing web of charter schools."

...In an interview, McGeehan disputed Brown's defense of her compensation. He said it was incomprehensible that Brown could effectively carry out the responsibilities of her many jobs.

"This woman has to have eight arms to do the kind of things that are reported," McGeehan said in an interview yesterday. "What she is doing is juggling all these - what are essentially full-time jobs."

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