Friday, June 06, 2008

Richard Werlin comes out of hiding

Richard Werlin's illegal actions as Assistant Superintendent cost Chula Vista Elementary School District about half a million dollars from 2001 to 2005 because the school board decided to cover up the wrongdoing, instead of reversing it.

Werlin disappeared from sight for a while, but then turned up briefly at West Contra Costa County Unified School District (WCCCUSD). He left after about 6 months, having succeeded in getting a second grade teacher (Jenny Mo) thrown in jail for holding hostages because she stayed with her second grade class instead of going home when he told her to. Of course, she would have been wise to go home, but being jailed with $900,000 bail was a bit much, especially since the order to go home was a result of her talking to the media about bullying problems at Shelton School.

Werlin disappeared again after that, but he has now turned up in Compton Unified School District.

I hope this information isn't too late to help Iwana. If you see this, Mr. Werlin, she is looking for you. Here is what she posted:

Iwana Nettles said...
"Where's Rick Werlin"
Can someone help me find Rick Werlin. I really need his help in validating something from When I taught school 1988-1990 in Galveston Texas. He was my Personel Director then. Thanks, Iwana(Sistrunk)Reynolds
November 15, 2007


Bonnie said...

Rick Werlin was my Associate Superintendent when I worked in HR in West Contra Costa USD and he was the best supervisor I ever had. I still miss him to this day. He left after only 6 months because of heart problems. The teacher - Jenny Mo - was arrested because she had psychological problems and she wouldn't leave the class and police were called. It wasn't Rick's fault. These newspapers get everything wrong and you don't want to believe anything they say. He was an amazing man with a lot of knowledge in HR and I'm sorry we lost him from WCCUSD.

Maura Larkins said...
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Maura Larkins said...

Let's be honest, Bonnie. Jennie Mo was put on leave and then arrested because she called the media. The district didn't want her spreading stories about bullying at the school. And to prove that there was no bullying--look what the district did! It engaged in extreme bullying. Lots of teachers have psychological problems, just as lots of administrators and other staff members do. But you rarely see employees placed on leave, much less arrested, when they haven't even been accused of doing something harmful or illegal.

I'm not surprised to hear that you're a fan of Rick. He has a talent for forming alliances. Rick seems to have done that at just about every district he worked at.

It's interesting to know the reason given by Mr. Werlin for going on sick leave soon after Jennie Mo was arrested. But I wonder, were you authorized to reveal that? Wasn't that confidential information that should have been kept in the Human Resources Department?