Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rodger Hartnett: Wrongful termination lawsuit




Lots of people are wrongfully terminated, but many are rightfully terminated. I think most people have experienced the frustration of dealing with someone who is incompetent or just doesn't bother to do his job right.

I have no idea which was the case with Rodger Hartnett of SDCOE. I do know that Mr. Hartnett supported the wrongful terminations of many people.

Did Rodger come to a realization that he was supporting illegal actions by SDCOE-JPA and its lawyers? Did he argue against that wrongdoing, and thus inspire Diane Crosier's ire?

Or did Diane Crosier become rightfully concerned about Hartnett's work performance?

I'm sure Rodger could tell some good stories about the unethical inner circle at San Diego County Office of Education--the circle that Superintendent Randolph Ward has protected since his arrival at SDCOE, and the board has protected for even longer.

It seems that SDCOE-JPA is very good at protecting its accomplices.

A lot of people seem to be looking for information about the Harntett v. SDCOE lawsuti. I have placed a link to the tort claim and complaint on this page.

GCCCD Chancellor Omero Suarez

SDCOE lawyers from Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz, along with fair-haired boy Randall Winet, pulled off an amazing $3 million deal to pay off MiraCosta College President Victoria Richart, and quickly followed up with an indemnified-for-all-wrongdoing deal with Omero Suarez of Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College. Of course, Dan Shinoff and Randall Winet had help from good friends Judge Moon, Bob Ottilie, and Price Investigations. Diane Crosier certainly seems to have a close-knit group of friends!

On the other hand, maybe it's all the tax dollars flying around, not true friendship, that keep the wagons circled around the Crosier inner circle.

Will SDCOE use taxpayer dollars once again to pay off Harnett to keep its secrets?

Hopefully not. It would be best if there were a trial, and the public learned about the inner workings of the system that controls almost all legal work in San Diego county schools.

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