Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seattle's Public Records Hero

I was honored to get a message from Seattle public records hero Armen Yousoufian. He spent ten years trying to get public records about a sports stadium. Finally, the court became so frustrated with with King County that it imposed a $15 fine for every day the documents weren't turned over. The documents still haven't been turned over!

My guess is they have something to hide--and they're happy to waste tax dollars as they keep it hidden.

I checked out Mr. Yousoufian's website, and it's terrific. Lot's of good links, too.

Here's the message from Mr. Yousoufian:

"I just discovered your blog and comments at it about my 10 year plus long old Public Disclosure Act litigation in King County, Washington state, over sports stadium documents I originally requested in May, 1997. If readers want to know more, and want to follow the future litigation in this still ongoing case, they can go to my website or blog, or email me."

www.ArmenYousoufian.com (website);
www.Yousoufian.blogspot.com (blog);
ayousoufian@comcast.net (email).

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