Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Schulman admits illegal behavior

Schulman #1:

New York attorney Steven Schulman, formerly with the law firm of Milberg Weiss, pleaded guilty yesterday to participating in a $250 million kick-back scheme for class action lawsuits.

His plea follows the guilty plea of famed San Diego lawyer William Lerach, another Milberg Weiss attorney. Lerach reached a plea agreement a few weeks ago. The firm's co-founder Melvyn Weiss has been indicted.

It's about time. The investigation took seven years. You can't hide the truth forever, but sometimes it seems that way.

Schulman #2:
Elizabeth Schulman, a San Diego attorney who calls herself the "Queen of sexual harrassment lawsuits," also has a little problem with honesty. Her behavior in one case is described here. Elizabeth seems to be having a little better luck than Steven in keeping the truth hidden. The California Bar Association says that there is nothing illegal about this behavior.

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