Friday, October 19, 2007

Bonnie Dumanis and the Axis of Virtue

Apparently Bonnie Dumanis has changed her mind. Last July, she was aiming for an appearance of integrity. Now she's quit pretending that her "Public Integrity Unit" is anything but the cynical use of power for political purposes.

From a SDUT article by Gerry Braun
"Axis of Virtue"
July 2007

"Early in our lunch, we learned that Dumanis does not want anyone to think political considerations influence the Public Integrity Unit. For that reason, she has sworn off endorsing fellow politicians, or seeking their endorsements."

Scott Lewis of Voice of San Diego
Scott Lewis reminds us that Bonnie Dumanis made these remarks about endorsing candidates:

"To underscore the unbiased and transparent mission of this office, I am announcing today that I will no longer personally endorse political candidates except in unusual circumstances. In the past, I have endorsed political candidates where I felt it was in the public's best interest. However, public integrity work is difficult enough without the possibility of having our motives questioned or impaired by politics. So let me be clear: I will not allow this office to be used as a pawn during political campaigns or allow the incorrect perception that we are anything other than completely objective."

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