Friday, October 19, 2007

Bonnie Dumanis thinks we should not tolerate bullies--unless they work for her

Bonnie Dumanis, speaking with a forked tongue, says, "Public officials should never be permitted to govern by fear and we should never tolerate bullies terrorizing our citizens."

Unless, of course, the bullies are the District Attorney and sheriff's deputies, right, Bonnie?

In that case, a little fear and terror goes a long way. Say, for example, if a sheriff's deputy kills his wife in front of his own young son. Or if his buddies assault the parent of the dying woman. In cases like this, a girl has to protect her own if she wants to hold on to her office, right, Bonnie?

But if a Democrat takes two hours off work to try to get a picture of Cheryl Cox and David Malcolm, well, a girl's got to take a stand. File five felonies against him!

Which makes me wonder: was it just William Gentry working alone who came up with the shameful Bruce plea deal, which was rejected by Judge Exarhos, or did Gentry get guidance from Bonnie Dumanis?

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