Wednesday, October 10, 2007

3 years 10 months in federal prison for teacher Vencent Donlan

A federal judge yesterday sentenced San Diego teacher Vencent Donlan to 46 months in prison for stealing more than $6 million in stock options from Wireless Facilities, and failing, along with his wife, to pay taxes on it.

Donlan's wife, Robin Colls Donlan, was in court, "rocking back and forth in her seat in the gallery." Robin has been an important figure in Chula Vista Elementary School District, first for initiating a series of crimes that cost the district $100,000s of dollars to defend, and then as one of the Castle Park Five, a group of teachers who, with the help of former Castle Park Elementary PTA presidents Kimberlee Simmons and Felicia Starr, wrested control of the school away from the principal. Kimberlee Simmons was arrested for embezzling $20,000 from the Castle Park PTA, Felicia Starr was appointed to the Chula Vista Ethics Board, and Castle Park Five teacher Peggie Myers recently became president of Chula Vista Educators.

It seems that crime pays at CVESD, but then, how can we expect teachers and their associates to be honest when school board members are not?

Kinda makes you want to throw up your hands in resignation, doesn't it?

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