Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pretty good at lying

A lot of people are very good at lying while they present themselves as role models for the world. Floyd Landis continues to deny he used illegal drugs during the Tour de France.

I've got to say that Marion Jones has a lot more class than bicyclist Floyd Landis. The Tour de France winner should quit denying the obvious truth, and say he's sorry. So should some people I know at San Diego county schools.

Pretty Olympic-gold athlete Marion Jones sounded familiar to me as I listened yesterday to recordings of her indignant protests of innocence going back to 1995. I've listened to administrators and teachers from my school district (Chula Vista Elementary) denying the truth under oath with the same strong conviction in their voices.

But yesterday Marion Jones also asked forgiveness for her wrongdoing, and pleaded guilty to using banned substances and lying to investigators.

It's apparently quite easy for some people to lie. They do it masterfully, and people believe them. Part of the trick is to show contempt for people whom they are falsely accusing. It really helps set up the aura of righteousness around the deceiver. Former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham was an ace at showing contempt for the morals of others, before he was sentenced to years in prison for selling military contracts.

Dishonesty is apparently one of the best ways to rise to power on this planet.

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