Thursday, July 19, 2007

Will this case be a showdown between secrecy and openness in education?

CTA lawyers are determined that a compendium of bizarre falsehoods will be the final record in the Chula Vista Elementary School District v. Maura Larkins case.

Maura Larkins believes that so many laws have been broken in this case, and that it is so symptomatic of the failure of our education system, that the truth must be known. I have posted two new documents about the case: the Court of Appeal pleading offers specific quotes from Elizabeth Schulman's disgraceful performance at her deposition. It serves as partial proof of the allegations in the original complaint against Schulman.

I'll soon post depositions and transcripts and documents from the Office of Administrative Hearings proceeding that resulted in a decision that is illegal on its face, since it dismisses Maura Larkins because she filed grievances and a lawsuit.

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