Sunday, July 29, 2007

CTA defends the rights of certain teachers, like Albert G.Truitt, Jr.

California Teachers Association's powerful leaders Beverly Tucker and Carolyn Doggett are loyal to a fault.

When a pal of CTA leaders is charged with incompetence or child abuse, CTA works hard to protect them.

Do competent teachers, who have not committed child abuse or any other crime, get the same treatment? No--politics reigns supreme in the education system. CTA frequently ignores or violates the rights of high-functioning teachers, but the top brass of CTA act just like the current executive branch of the United States when it comes to covering up crimes and protecting pals from punishment.

Last month the California Supreme Court released the Albert Truitt Jr. decision, much to the consternation of CTA lawyers Beverly Tucker, Rosalind Wolf, and John Kohn.

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