Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is there a difference between lying and duplicity?

Note: If you are looking for Dennis Doyle, former Assistant Superintendent at Chula Vista Elementary School District, this article is not about him. Doyle moved to National School District.

Lies vs. duplicity
Letter to the Editor
National Catholic Reporter, August 15, 2003 by Joseph C. Kunkel

Dennis Doyle distinguishes lying from duplicity (NCR, July 18). While lying is wrong, duplicity is presented as a cut above.

Doyle's wonderful example of Fr. William Joseph Chaminade is appreciated. But Chaminade's statement is a far cry from the 16 words President Bush used in the State of the Union address to claim from discredited sources that Iraq was trying to purchase uranium from Niger.

Doyle questions whether the completely unfounded connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam as propounded by the Bush administration was really deception or only duplicity. If spurious statements by public officials in support of some "higher cause" are approvingly duplicitous, what has happened to the Christian notion of truth?

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