Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cheryl Cox says, "Eeeewww" when it comes to talking to workers

Cheryl Cox

EVAN McLAUGHLIN and ROB DAVIS, in a Voice of San Diego article on July 10, 2007, wrote:

"In Chula Vista, where Gaylord's work started under the watch of former Mayor Steve Padilla, the equation changed over the last year. Padilla, who was an ally of organized labor, was seen as a broker between the unions and Gaylord before he was ousted by Cheryl Cox last November.

"Cox took heated criticism from Rep. Bob Filner, D-Chula Vista, last week after the deal fell through for not playing a more active role in maintaining that relationship. She was quick to blame the labor groups for dooming the city's development opportunities on the bay front.

""I don't think our [description of the project] ever said, 'Oh, by the way, you have to have labor unions on board,'" Cox said."

No, Cheryl, it didn't. Workers are automatons with arms and legs that come and build your billion-dollar projects, but you shouldn't be expected to actually TALK to them. As long as you pay them SOMETHING, they just automatically appear. I can certainly understand your rage and frustration. Who do these people think they are--Republicans? I know I can count on you to keep up your campaign to rally the "leaders" of Chula Vista to help you put the workers in their place. Chula Vista will surely thrive under your leadership. Sure, Gaylord would probably be a done deal if Stephen Padilla were still mayor, and in those circumstances, workers would probably be buying new cars and houses and washing machines in Chula Vista. But you and your friends didn't want that because... Wait a minute. Why were you elected, Cheryl?

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