Saturday, July 14, 2007

I have it on good authority

I am a teacher who sued California Teachers Association recently for violations of statutes (PC 127 and others), and I got a response in the mail yesterday from CTA lawyer Beverly Tucker. This is the line that most intrigued me:

"For the last five years, Larkins has been attacking [CTA] Defendants...through a political campaign of sorts."

Is that what I'm doing? It's sounds pretty cool. I'm conducting a political campaign of sorts. I guess it's not a full-fledged political campaign because I'm not running for office. But if the co-head of CTA says that's what I'm doing, then I've got it on good authority. (Beverly Tucker and Executive Director Carolyn Doggett control CTA. President Daniel Vaughn is just a carefully-groomed talking head.)

My goal has long been to become a Democratic activist, working to strengthen my party against the corrupt influence of the California Teachers Association. Education is too important to be a political football. Carolyn Doggett and Beverly Tucker have for too long traded the best interests of children for political power for themselves. Lots of Democrats know this, but how can a Democrat get elected without support from CTA?

Note: CTA lawyers, according to their pleading, are ignorant of the fact that the statute of limitations for violation of a California statute is 3 years. They insist that I've missed the deadline. Perhaps a law review course would be in order?

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