Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Fourth of July minus Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence? That's what Texas conservative Christians want to celebrate

Note to Texas legislators: what about the commandment not to bear false witness? If you don't want to separate church and state, could you at least agree to separate truth and falsehood?

The Irrefutable Mr. Jefferson
By ThosPayne
Auburn Journal

Thomas Jefferson, until this year, was revered in American history textbooks as the Founding Father who wrote the Declaration of Independence. His document is the reason we celebrate the fourth of July as this country's independence day. This is a holiday to remind Americans about the history and significance of that document.

But earlier this year, Christian conservative members of the Texas Board of Education decided to push for a revision of our history by downplaying Jefferson's influence in the founding of our nation. Why? Because the notion of the "separation of church and state" has been traced to him. These religious rightists believe this country was founded as a Christian nation and decided to make their point by revising public school text books. The effect of this kind of revision of American history would be to celebrate the founding of this country as a Christian event rather than the secular event it always has been...

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Anonymous said...

I'm all for freedom of religion and I think people should be allowed to express themselves. However, you can't change history. Mucking up our education system with lies and falsehoods isn't going to work. It's only going to put the United States further behind in education than we already are.