Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bonny Garcia, notorious school attorney, shares Daily Transcript Top Attorney honors with ACLU's David Blair-Loy

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David Blair-Loy of the ACLU shares Daily Transcript honors with Bonny Garcia, the lawyer whom the San Diego Union Tribune criticized for his shocking actions in regard to Otay Water District. The SDUT particularly criticized the indemnification agreement Garcia had with Otay.

Top Attorneys 2010

The Daily Transcript does
not evaluate the lawyers it
chooses as "Top Lawyers" of
the year; there is no panel of
experts making the choice.
Nor do all the lawyers in town
participate in the vote.
Instead, the voters select
themselves. To win, a lawyer
has to get his pals to send in
ballots. (There is even a
section for insurance
lawyers.) The Daily
Transcript seems to be
promoting itself by exploiting
lawyers who feel the need to
promote themselves. The
most highly regarded lawyers
do not seem to participate in
this contest. David Blair-Loy
has exerted himself mightily
for two years in a row to
become one of the many
"winners" of this contest.

David Blair-Loy article from the DT's online newspaper, San Diego Source

Who shares the Daily
Transcript's Top Attorney
"honor" with Blair-Loy?

See Daily Transcript story on Bonny Garcia

1. Bonny (Bonifacio) Garcia,
(2010) has become notorious
for charging outrageous fees to
school districts such as
Sweetwater Union High School
District. He also assisted in the
collapse of ethics at Otay Water
District. The district, shockingly,
indemnified him for his work,
and when the district was sued,
ratepayers (including the author
of this website) were forced to
pay Daniel Shinoff and Jeffery
Morris of Stutz Artiano Shinoff &
Holtz to defend him.

2. Another attorney from Bonny
Garcia's firm, Marie C. Mendoza,
also won. It's obvious, when
looking at the long list of winners,
that certain law firms got busy and
nominated several of their
lawyers, and everyone in the firm
voted for their fellow employees,
making sure that the few firms that
invested energy in this project had
many winners. Both of the lawyers
from Garcia's firm are in the same
category as Blair-Loy,
"Government Municipal," which
has a total of seven winners. I've
never heard of the other four.

3. Blair-Loy's school attorney pal
Dan Shinoff (yes, the one who
defended Bonny Garcia), also
won the Daily Transcript award
(in 2005). Most lawyers don't vie
for it. School districts have paid
to defend Daniel Shinoff.

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