Saturday, July 03, 2010

The American dream will die for a whole generation.

Renowned Educator Exposes Harsh Realities of High-Poverty Neighborhoods and Their Impact on Latino Young People Today

In a new book released today, Arthur Levine, former president of Teachers College, Columbia University, and researcher Laura Scheiber, expose the devastating effects of appalling schools; racism; dead-end jobs; homelessness; high crime rates; violence and drugs' and a broken legal system on Latino young people today. Based on several years of research, Levine and Scheiber contrast what urban neighborhood life was like 40 years ago when Arthur Levine grew up with the experiences of young Latinos today. The authors argue that - without comprehensive interventions to help restore today's disenfranchised children to a better, richer, and happier life - the American dream will die for a whole generation.

Arthur Levine, president, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, and president emeritus, Teachers College, Columbia University

Laura Scheiber, researcher and Ph.D. candidate in Comparative and International Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

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