Monday, November 12, 2007

San Diego Diocese: It's time to settle with the last two victims of Father William Valverde

Response to article "Two reasons why church settlement isn't fair"

Logan Jenkins and Gerry Braun, along with many good reporters, could make the San Diego Union Tribune into a fine paper--if they could somehow get rid of all the unethical editors.

Today Logan Jenkins took up the cause of San Diego priest molestation settlement victims #145 and #146, who were left out of the settlement because of a clerical error.

Clearly, the San Diego diocese isn't interested in doing the right thing in this case, or it would have settled with ALL the victims. It is relying on a clerical error to avoid its responsibility to two people abused by priests.

The Church just doesn't get it, doesn't understand what Jesus was saying. Or maybe it just doesn't care?

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