Monday, November 26, 2007

Lowell Billings and Jim Groth together again

Lowell Billings, CVESD Superintendent

It's old home week down at the Hall of Justice for me.

Today I started watching a trial that involves lots of folks I know at Chula Vista Elementary School District. I don't know the plaintiff, Danielle Coziahr, nor do I know precisely what the case is about, except that it involves a charge of discrimination based on gender and pregnancy.

But the witness list looks interesting. It includes Lowell Billings, who, according to the district's own testimony, was closely involved in serious wrongdoing committed by CVESD in 2001 and 2002. Then there is Jim Groth, a former teacher and current California Teachers Association director who was deeply involved in those violations of law and contract. Jim seems to get along well with the district when it's violating the rights of politically-powerless teachers.

The district's lawyer is Pamela Dempsey, who helped cover up wrongdoing by refusing to honor public records requests for district documents. She was also covering for Mark Bresee, who used to work for her law firm, Parham & Rajcic, and was the first lawyer involved in violations of the Labor Code and alteration of documents committed by former CVESD administrator Richard Werlin.

Taxpayers, get out your wallets! You have to pay for this show.

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