Sunday, November 04, 2007

If you don't trust the San Diego Union Tribune, you just don't "get" it

No, Werner Erhard, the 1970's guru of "est" (the new age training that coached thousands of adults who were striving to "get it"), has not returned to San Diego.

Instead, the SDUT's Carol Goodhue is here to tell you that if you don't see it her way, you just don't "get" it.

In the past, some have found undertones of arrogance and condescension in the columns of SDUT Readers Representative, but recently Ms. Goodhue let that attitude come to the surface.

On August 27, 2007, Goodhue wrote:

"Stop me if you've heard this one: The news and opinion departments at this newspaper are separate, and news writers and editors aren't pressured to slant the news to match the editorials.

"Got that? I didn't think so."

Goodhue is correct, of course, that many readers don't "get" what she wants us to "get."

She's wrong in thinking that if she keeps telling us over and over again, she'll change our thinking.

We all know that the Union Tribune keeps stories, or important parts of stories, out of the newspaper, effectively silencing good reporters.

The only question is whether readers appreciate this policy. Some do, some don't. I'm one of the ones who does not.

Goodhue is doing what Karin Winner, William Osborne, and Bob Kittle want her to do: defending the indefensible. Goodhue mentions the infamous Don Sevrens in her article, for some reason that I can not fathom.

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