Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dan Carroll and Laura Farris take on CVESD

Dan Carroll of McCann and Carroll is taking on CVESD in San Diego Superior Court. He is representing Danielle Coziahr, a teacher who is suing for discrimination based on gender and pregnancy.

I wasn't able to go in to court today for opening arguments, since I'm busy writing a motion to compel CVESD's lawyers to produce documents and submit to depositions in their defamation case against me. Why did they bring the case when they know that they have to keep the truth covered up? The answer is that they believe that public entities will continue to protect them, as they protect public entities.

I wonder what the paper trail looks like in the Coziahr case. It was virtually non-existent in my case, except for the documents that were altered or hidden.

Laura Farris is co-counsel in the Coziahr case.

I'll be looking forward to witness testimony tomorrow and Thursday.

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