Wednesday, November 28, 2007

John Carver on board governance

After reading a reference to him by Emily Alpert at Voice of San Diego, I took a peek at the website of John Carver, governance theorist.

I was left with two questions:

1. Since school boards so often "just do what their lawyers tell them," as a Vista Unified School District board member recently put it, why haven't you addressed the problem of how to deal with in-house and insurance company lawyers on your website?

2. Since you're a non-profit organization, who donates the money for your outfit to function?

Here's Alpert's story:

Don't Knock the School Board

Governance theorist John Carver, who chatted with me about the roles of school boards and why they often overstep their bounds, made this interesting remark Tuesday during our interview: "Almost everybody who makes fun of the board (and its dysfunction) ... if you put them on the board, they'd be just as bad."

Carver attributes the problem to a lack of clarity about what boards are supposed to do, not the failures of individuals.

November 28 2007

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