Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For Norwegian exhange student, America seems to value mean girls' culture above due process

Thanks to Google's translation capabilities, I am able to present the story of a Norwegian girl who was apparently the target of "mean girls" culture in the U.S., where she was an exchange student. Note the "evidence" in the photo: an open beer container (that does not appear to be hers) on a counter.

Link to Norwegian TV website: Louise thrown out of the U.S. - alleged that she had been drinking beer

18 year old Louise Berge enjoyed the U.S. until she suddenly was thrown out...When her daughter came home bursting into tears earlier this year, the couple began to look for the reason. I thought that Louise probably had committed some youthful sins. They find none.

They have four prohibitions with the letter D, "says Louise, "no drinking, no driving, no dating, no dope." I broke none of the restrictions.

But on a blog there was a picture of Louise standing next to an opened beer bottle...

Anyone who knows anything about high school understands that there are many rumors going, says Louise. Perhaps the rumor spreading is the cause here? We exchange students were taken aside by the principal and told that we should adjust our behavior. There was a rumor in the small town in Vermont that we fixed game, which was not true!

Louise had a few days notice, then was taken away from her family, almost "detained" in a foreign place as parents perceive it, and sent home with an explanation that the family do not agree with...

Danielle Grijalva writes:

...Another story about the treatment of a Norwegian exchange student has reached TV2 Norway. The international reputation of the United States is being harmed.

Danielle Grijalva, Director
Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students
P.O. Box 6496 / Oceanside, CA 92052

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