Friday, June 18, 2010

Campaign reform

Every time you see a politician on TV, wouldn't it be great if you could see a his top three campaign contributors listed right under his name?

Or what if whenever registered lobbyists go the capitol or meet with legislators, require them to wear safety-orange vests that say "LOBBYIST" in big letters on them.

How about we heavily tax corporate campaign contributions? That way at least we won't have to tax working people to give the corporations what they want.

Instead of trying to limit political donations, force all candidates for public office to list all donors and dollar amounts on a publicly accessible web site. Corporations won a big victory recently, allowing them to contribute unlimited amounts to political groups, on the basis of their right to free speech. So, fine, let them have free speech. But not secret backroom deals. Speak up, corporations. Let us all hear what you have to say.

Let the public know who members of Congress are meeting and talking with.

Make it illegal for members of congress to receive gifts or money from lobbyist or special interest groups - personally or for campaigns while in office and 10 years after. I am tired of congress members voting in favor of who ever pays them the most.

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