Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Camille Zombro is wrong: schools need to do something about substandard teachers

It's not necessary to fire weak teachers; they can be useful, but they shouldn't have full charge of a classroom.

School Board Election Comes At Precarious Time For District
By Ana Tintocalis
June 2, 2010

...The powerful union has thrown its support behind Scott Barnett, a Republican who used to be the head of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association.

Zombro believes Barnett will reign in school spending so that it focuses on the basics and not on big reforms.

“(Quality education) is not a flashy program or a big consultant or a big splash. What it takes is a positive place for children to learn, for parents to interact with their schools, and for teachers to teach.”

Whatever the outcome, the board will have to manage the second largest school district in the state with a lot less money. It will also have to push for better academic results while dealing with a persistent achievement gap.

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